Quality is the yardstick. Achieving, improving, maintaining, reviewing and restoring the relevant degree of quality is our passion.


QUALITY & SAFETY is the speciality of SEFIRO QS. Keeping an eye on every aspect of a product – ranging from its properties, its composition and even environmental standards and the design with the declaration requirements – is essential for us.

We help manufacturers achieve legal compliance for their products and obtain quality assurance – ranging from their duty to exercise care to stringent production monitoring and even drawing up quality concepts.

Our services are tailored to customers: we offer them analysis, evaluation, performance tests and even handle them as well as communicating with laboratories and public authorities as a complete package – fully in line with their needs.



The quality of a product not only has to meet the manufacturer’s vision and standards or those of future customers, but extensive statutory provisions too. SEFIRO QS ensures that your product has complete legal compliance – over long periods too. We look after the quality assessment and examine whether the product complies with the statutory restrictions, e.g. ingredients, safety and environmental compatibility. We can also handle coordination with manufacturers.


Legislators ensure that manufacturers and traders of store brands safeguard the quality of their products in the long term through the statutory duty to exercise care. Thanks to having the necessary scientific expertise, SEFIRO QS supports companies when they perform the relevant tests. We provide advice about what the duty to exercise care means and support them with the necessary measures.


In order to guarantee all-round product quality, (long-term) product monitoring is necessary. SEFIRO QS can completely handle this and draw up quality concepts. They range from preparing test and parameter plans, selecting suitable analysis methods, performing various tests (panel, acceptance, comparison, performance) and even assessing analytical results. Depending on the product, we are able to develop alternative testing methods.

Example of a complete package for quality assurance in german [diagram]



We ensure that many customers’ product ranges meet all the necessary standards on a regular basis. Our buyers purchase the products from retailers across Germany and send them to laboratories via our distribution warehouse. This enables us to guarantee the authenticity of the products. SEFIRO QS sends several thousands of products to more than 300 national and international laboratories, material testing centres and institutes every year; it validates tens of thousands of test results, assesses them legally and translates them into recommended measures that the retail trade understands, if necessary.


In order to ensure compliance for product groups and fairly large ranges of items, we offer an individualised software solution to visualise all the processes. This software is based on SEFIRO QS’ many years of experience with quality assurance.

Customers obtain their own access to this via a link or through a connection with the merchandise management system: they can then see the status of each product that is being processed. The entire task communications can be simply and efficiently coordinated with SEFIRO QS. Customers receive documentation that is available at any time related to all the relevant processes. This procedure satisfies all the aspects of the “EU Directive on General Product Safety” and the German Product Safety Act, among other things.



Consumer goods in the retail sector and manufacturing industry are very varied: drugs, hygiene products, detergents, toys, baby care items, hair accessories, animal feed, food including dietary supplements, cosmetic items and accessories, household goods such as lamps, batteries etc.

Each product has specific properties and quality criteria. SEFIRO QS already has suitable QA concepts for many products. We are happy to develop suitable concepts for new product lines.

We are well-networked with partners and laboratories for each task and they cooperate closely with our employees.

We can naturally handle communications with third parties and public authorities too.

Consumer protection

Products are examined in detail in the cooperation arrangement between SEFIRO QS and manufacturers or traders, not only on the basis of statutory requirements, but also criteria from NGOs like ‘Ökotest’ or ‘Stiftung Warentest’ or environmental associations. Constant quality control means active consumer protection so that customers can feel safe with their products.